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Reason #421 why Colombia is awesome – Make your own Potato Chips

Damn straight.  First time I’ve ever made my own Potato Chips in my life and now I’m doing it all the time. In fact, it is probably what I use potatoes the most for down here.  However the real magic is in Patagones, which are probably my favorite snack down here.  Instead of potatoes you […]

A little rain tonight

It was coming down like cat’s and dogs tonight in Barranquilla and I just had to post up some videos to show the rest of you just what happens when it rains here.  These videos are showing what happens EVERYTIME there is heavy rainfall here, not just some rare occurrence.  You see kids, this is […]

Ooops, forgot to add Gallery from my first day in Dubrovnik

My bad, I’ve included them in the original post as well as below.. Enjoy: [nggallery id=18]

Good bye Germany, hello Croatia!

Good bye Germany, hello Croatia!

As per usual my day started especially early with my flight leaving in the wee hours of the morning. Not quite as bad Scotland but the 8am flight or so meant I had to be out of the Hotel by 5 to be safe. And as per usual I was hella glad that I took […]

Day 17 – Leaving Edinburgh and flying into Hannover

Day 17 – Leaving Edinburgh and flying into Hannover

Good bye Scotland, Hello Germany, All good things come to anend they say and edinburgh is no exception to that. My time there was the longest anywhere on my trip and yet it felt as short as any other place. Mr. Canavan poked his head into my room at 3:45 or so that that we […]

Day 16 – Last day in Edinburgh

Day 16  – Last day in Edinburgh

Well today marks the last day in the most impressive and beautiful city in the United Kingdom. There is certainly a bittersweet feeling in my heart as I got up at my usual hour to begin work at 5am or so. I take especial care to breath in the perfection of each moment, in this […]

Day 15 in Edinburgh

Day 15 – 4th day in Edinburgh Today Paul decided to take me on a tour of the town, joy! I was working my usual hours and we left the house around 1pm or so to a nice scotish drizzle. It felt the way it should have felt for some reason and I didn’t mind […]

Day 13 & 14 in Edinburgh – Work work work

2nd and 3rd day in Edinburgh. As per usual I was up like a lite at 2:30 in the morn. I got up, crept downstairs as quietly as humanly possible, opened up the door to the kitchen went in and setup shop for a great productive morning of work. It wasn’t until I had nearly […]

First day in Edinburgh

Day 12 – First day in Edinburgh Scotland So finish my journey out of England the same way it started my flight landed without a hitch, I grabbed my luggage and was ready to head into town to see my good friend Paul. Paul asked me to give him a ring when I landed and […]

Last couple days in Nottingham – Flying off to Edingburgh

Last couple days in Nottingham – Flying off to Edingburgh

Day 10-12 – Nottingham: It was mainly a rainy day in Nottingham and with the upcoming proposal coming up I decided to stay in most days and just work like a crazy person. Nick and Nina worked during the day so it was just me and Deisel the cat, chilling like a pair of villains […]

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