Reason #18 why Baltimore is awesome: The History

Baltimore Skyline

You’re going to be hard pressed to that many more cities in the USA that have more beautiful history than Baltimore, something that certainly gets overlooked in conversations about the city.  The apartment I’m living in now is well over 100 years old, and is nicer and in better shape(at least as far as I can see) than any apartment I have lived in, most of which have been less than 25 years old.  The history of this city comes in the form of beautiful old churches, institutes  older than most cities in my country and legacies that America is built on top of.  John hopkins has been one of the worlds leading medical schools and seems to own half the city.  The Peabody Institute, a renowned conservatory and preparatory school, also calls Baltimore home.

Some interesting tidbits about this city’s past:

  • Congress met in the Henry Fite House from December 1776 to February 1777, effectively making the city the capital of the United States during this period.
  • The star spangled banner, America’s national anthem, was written as a recount of the British attacking Baltimore in 1814
  • On February 7, 1904, the Great Baltimore Fire destroyed over 1,500 buildings in 30 hours and forced most of the city to rebuild.

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