Safe and Happy in Baltimore


Well I am happy to report that after over a week and a half living in Baltimore I’m still smiling from ear to ear and damn stoked to be here.  The trip out was insanely painless considering I was traveling 11 hours straight with a cat who had never been in a plane before.  Badu was a trooper and didn’t make a peep the entire time, well until the very last decent into Baltimore when the wind was whipping that little plane around some.  If you are traveling with a cat I definitely would recommend going with Air Canada on this one.  Their pet carrier dimensions are impressively larger than any other airline in North America and they are also the cheapest as far as pet charges(only $50.00 for the entire trip)

The apartment I am staying at already has a cat so it’s been a fun time getting them used to each other, or more specifically getting her used to Badu as Badu is blatantly indifferent to his new room mate, something which infuriates the other cat something fierce.  We went through a gradual process of keeping Badu locked in a ‘safe room’ for  a couple of days while I took some blankets and such that he’d been sleeping on and placed them around the apartment for the other cat to get used to his scent with.  Eventually we allowed them to see each other through a cracked door and then one day when the cable guy was over setting up the internet I forgot to close the door to Badu’s safe room when I was seeing him out.  Got back up stairs, realized the two cats hadn’t killed each other and just figured the door could be left open at that point.  So far so good, the female cat here is still a little hisser at Badu but he is at least twice her weight and he’s a little Buddha so I don’t give it a second thought or worry.

As far as myself, I love living out here, being this close to Washington DC has already taken me to this Nations Capital once and I’ll probably head back soon as I’m going to need weeks to go through it all.  My first time there I made it through a whooping 4 buildings in 9 hours or so and some time left over to spend making snow angels on the lawn of the Capitol Complex.  Speaking of which that’s a pretty surreal experience, I never thought they allowed you to get that close to it but you can walk right up to the steps, or like I said play on the lawn, albeit under the scrutinizing and amused glare of po-po with their too-cool-for-school sun glasses.

So going into week 2 here, slowly getting onto some semblance of a normal sleeping schedule, well normal for me at least.  My graveyard shift went from 9-4am to 12-7am, so settling into that routine and a different timezone at once hasn’t been too much fun and it was a solid week before I was sleeping more than 4 consecutive hours.  But speaking of which there is a nice comfy bed calling me name so it’s time to catch some Zzzz’s and get ready to pwn another day!

5 thoughts on “Safe and Happy in Baltimore”

  1. Hi Ryan, Glad to hear that your flight was relatively uneventful. Query: Why are you in Baltimore? I can’t keep up with all your travelling. LOL
    Love your cousin, Monique

  2. Baltimore is where a special someone lives who’s decided to sweep me off my feet. It’s also conveniently close to some pretty amazing cities down here

  3. Wow that’s great, Ryan….although I am still surprised that you would finally agree to settle down…nonetheless, all the best to you!

  4. Hello son,
    Glad to hear that you and Badu are safe in Baltimore and enjoying the amazing city of Wash.DC.One of my #1 city’s!
    How long will you stay?Perhaps I’ll come out for a visit.Love you lots and miss you,
    Momsie xo

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