Third Day in Cambridge, making my way to Nottingham

Another morning started early although this day I believe I slept in until 4:30 or so. These things happen when you stay up until 11 watching a light show. I managed to get a good 8 hours of work in or so before Nick arrived. Originally scheduled to get there around noon or so he didn’t make it down until 2pm which just gave me that much more time to work. We were preparing to present a proposal to a german game company so there was multitudes of stuff that needed my attention. Nick finally did arrive and it was a joyous meeting full of more awkward hugs.

Ah yes! How could I forget to mention that, the english and especially the swiss men are insanely awkward when receiving a hug from another man. It’s more squirming and patting than a hug in the end of it all and I relished in making these men squirm as it is about timed they allowed themselves to show affection towards someone dear instead of pretending to be this idea of a man that their repressive society has pushed on them.

Nick hadn’t been down to Cambridge in a while so a touring triad was in order to see all of the sights and sounds that this city had to offer. Nick luckily had a car which saved us a 35 minute walk or so. I was on a mission this day to get my hands on some of these world famous english chips that they are always eating with their fish. Much like their tea that they drink 18 times a day I figured if there’s all this fuss surrounding it then they must be the ones setting the bar. Alas I was sadly mistaken, on both front :( The chips were just like sligthtly larger french fries without as much salt, as sad as it sounds I’d take McDonalds fries over those for pure taste, but clearly not for the health benefits :) I tried out a wicked little hole in the wall chip shop down some side street as I was looking for the most authentic experience I could find, not these fancy pancy places. Well authentic it was, delicious it was not. They were good don’t get me wrong but no better than back home, much like when I was first served tea and I saw it was the same tea bags that we got back home., I mean shit, for the amount of tea these people are pounding back I half expected it to be laced with something. We went into the bread shop again and bought something to munch on as we wandered around finally settled into a vegetarian/vegan restaurant for some grub. I once again had the chips to see if the last batch was an exception but nope the chips at the restaurant were the same variety, just normal fries but larger and without all the salt.. Boooerns! We discussed the investor trailer some more and chilled out until 7 or 8 at which point we went back to Fabian’s flat and picked up all of my gear to pack over to Nottingham. Another awkward hug to the swiss animator and Nick and I headed out on the open road. Unfortunately Nick was looking for some good converation but my body was looking to catch up on all of the sleep I had been missing with these 3-4 hour nights all week and I promptly passed out as soon as we hit the highway. I remember trying to carry on a conversation but it got to the point where what I was saying had absolutely nothing to do with anything Nick was talking about, devolving eventually into pure gibberish until I decided it was best if I just didn’t talk at all and surrendered to the inevitable sleep that had wrapped itself firmly around me.

We arrived in Nottingham some hours later after getting turned around a few times on the highway and unloaded all of my gear up into yet another foreign apartment where a couch had my name on it. I was greeted by yet another cat to befriend and was equally delighted for the feline company as well as Nick’s better half who was equally a delight. It being late we settled in for the night, chatted for a couple of hours, eat a nice little meal prepared by the lady of the house and then eventually I retired to my couch, loaded up with Blankets ready for my first action packed day in Nottingham and meeting the imfamous Roland Shaw.. Da da da!!

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